Monster Mash – Merfolk

Here is the third of my entries on bawylie’s “Monster Mash” thread…

Merfolk, Kidnapped Fisherpeople, Eriden Cove

Some of the local fisherpeople have suddenly disappeared! The only thing that has been found so far are the empty boats which drifted to shore during the evening hours of the day they disappeared. (You could go with 10 – 15 for the number of people who have disappeared.)

Unknown to the townsfolk of Eriden Cove, the fisherpeople have been taken captive by a tribe of Merfolk that live nearby. Why? A group of individuals recently raided the Merfolk’s underwater temple and stole the large glowing tear-shaped crystals that adorned the temple and sacred religious items from the temple’s altar. The Merfolk are extremely upset and blame the townsfolk of Eriden Cove for the theft. They intend to hold the fisherpeople as hostages in a special air-filled underwater cavern until the stolen items are returned.

Can the characters, who happen to be conveniently staying at the local inn, determine what happened to the fisherpeople? Once they discover what happened to them, can they find the individuals responsible for the theft and return the stolen items? Assume that the guilty individuals are still in town at the moment (you can decide if they are local people or ‘travellers’ to suit your campaign). If you like, you could also add tension/pressure to the characters’ search by having the thieves preparing to leave town (especially when they hear about the kidnapped fisherpeople)!

Angry Mermaid

Bonus Mini-Quest

If the characters manage to recover the stolen items and return them to the Merfolk, can they negotiate a peace treaty between the townsfolk of Eriden Cove and the Merfolk tribe so that there is a lasting peace between the two groups?


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