Fiona Fairweather, Female General Merchant (NPC)


Here is another of the wonderful and fun NPCs that I have created for the community module being put together over at the Wizard’s D&D Community forums!

Name: Fiona Fairweather
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Stats: As Commoner, Intelligence (16), Wisdom (18), Charisma (19) –> Other stats to follow!

Fiona is her own woman and has a strong will to succeed that has served her well. Her business is one of the most prosperous in Lastdown and that status allows her a good bit of freedom in dealing with the powers that be in town. She sells all manner of common everyday supplies and goods in addition to adventuring supplies. If you need something, then Fiona is the woman to see in Lastdown.

She will likely have any type of supplies (outside of weaponry and armour) that an adventurer could or would need. If there is something special that an adventurer needs, then there is a good chance that someone from among her extensive collection of merchant contacts can procure the item (with payment up front of course). She does stock a minor bit of weaponry such as arrows, crossbow bolts, etc. that an individual cannot find at Daronna Dawnforge’s establishment.

Note 1: Fiona is good friends with Daronna Dawnforge and Zahara Willowrose, two women who also fall outside of Valeria Adalwind’s secretive town network.

Note 2: Publicly viewed relations between Fiona and Valeria Adalwind are cordial and polite enough, but in truth both women do not care for each other at all. Valeria resents Fiona’s refusal to be part of her secretive town network, but does not cause problems for Fiona because her business has been far too financially beneficial for Lastdown. Fiona in turn does not care for Valeria due to her scheming and manipulative ways.

Interested in joining in? Then you can view the entire community module thread here!


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