Get The Entire Star Frontiers Rule Book Set & More For Free (Legally)


I recently made some new friends who used to play Star Frontiers, but no longer have the books or have not played the game in a long time. Other friends have never tried the game before, but are eager to jump in and start having fun. Whichever category you fall into, you CAN legally download the entire set of rule books, modules, and more for free!

Special Note

Individuals with questions about these downloads may contact Tom via the following:

Or read through his blog post concerning Star Frontiers materials here:

The links are separated into four main categories so that you can focus on the materials of most interest to you.

Rule Books (Sets), Modules, Character Sheets, & More

Star Frontiers Download Directory Home Page

Star Frontiers Rule Books

Star Frontiers Modules

Star Frontiers Character Sheets

Star Frontiers Counters

Star Frontiers Quest Books

Star Frontiers Books Remastered

Star Frontiers Modules Remastered

Star Frontiers Additional Remastered Materials

Frontier Explorer Hi-Res Maps

Star Frontiers Hosted Fan Pages

Awesome Fan-Based Magazines

Star Frontiersman Magazine

Frontier Explorer Magazine

Special Note: Make sure to head on over to Twitter and follow Tom Stephens (@dagorym)! He does an exceptional job of keeping both of these fan-based magazines up and running smoothly!

Other Useful Links

Star Frontiersman Home Page

Star Frontiers – New Horizons

Star Frontiers Network

Star Frontiers Revival

Star Frontiers Wiki

Star Frontiers Links Page

Star Frontiers Communities On Social Media

The Star Frontiers Community On Facebook

The Star Frontiers Community On Google+

Whether you are a long-time fan of Star Frontiers or just encountering the game for the first time, may these links see you soar to the edges of your imagination and beyond!

Safe journeys and clear skies my fellow explorers!


About Akeisha Leighanne Roberts

I am a role player who loves the classic BECMI, AD&D 1st Edition, D&D 3rd Edition, and D&D 5th Edition rule sets. I am also quite fond of Pathfinder and Star Frontiers. My Moonhaven Forest blog is a place for me to share my ideas, thoughts, and maps for these lovely games. You can visit me on Twitter as well. :)
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