Knights Of The Silver Eagle Outpost Map [2 Versions]


This week, the players in my Blossom Vale campaign finished exploring an old outpost that used to belong to the Knights of the Silver Eagle approximately 300 years before. Needless to say, the place is quite large and more than up to the task of holding all manner of beasties for your players to encounter…

Special Note: The outpost takes up 4 sheets worth of graph paper and has a scale of 5′ per square. If you were so inclined, you could set it to 10′ per square if you decided to forego its history and use it as a lair for Giants of some type.

The map is available in two versions. The first one shows the condition of the outpost soon after a Goblin war band moved in and began setting up a second tier of “habitation” in both of the great halls. They were using wood and other supplies harvested from within the outpost itself, then obtaining the necessary support poles from the forest outside the front entrance.

The Goblin Infested Version

Download the Full-Size Map (3366*2472 pixels, png format)


The second one shows what the outpost looked like while the Knights of the Silver Eagle were still there. All was kept clear and in proper order.

The “Clean” Pre-Goblin Infestation Version

Download the Full-Size Map (3366*2472 pixels, png format)


Software Information

For those who are curious about the software I used to create this map, it was Paint.NET and can be downloaded here:

Paint.NET Website


About Akeisha Leighanne Roberts

I am a role player who loves the classic BECMI, AD&D 1st Edition, D&D 3rd Edition, and D&D 5th Edition rule sets. I am also quite fond of Pathfinder and Star Frontiers. My Moonhaven Forest blog is a place for me to share my ideas, thoughts, and maps for these lovely games. You can visit me on Twitter as well. :)
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